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History of the

Carriage House


The carriage house sets behind the house and holds  such items as an 1860 Conestoga Wagon from the Manners family, and early yeast maker, buggies, sleigh, fire equipment, farm equipment, tools,etc.

The carriage house was painted by Dorothy Lickteig and the Columbian Squire Club from Greeley in 1991, and repainted along with the Harris House by Dorothy Lickteig, Eli Thompson, and Kenneth Lickteig in 1996.

In 1993, Don McAfee added a beautiful sign to the front lawn and one on the upstairs porch, to designate the name of the house and the year built.

New guttering was added to the house in 1994. New porch floors were installed by Don Watt in 2003 and repairs made where needed. The house was repainted in 2006 and the carriage house in 2007.

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