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Bits from the Past


27 Jan 1905

 A well known Garnett man found it necessary a few days ago to lay aside his good clothes, put on a dirty ragged suit and clean up some machinery at his place of business. When he went home and was entering the front gate he met a tramp coming out. The tramp mistook him for one of his kind and said, “There’s no use to go in there pard, that’s the meanest white woman living”.   Garnett Journal-Plaindealer, pg 6.

20 Jan 1921

During the two years in which Judge Davis has filled the office of probate judge, he has issued 267 marriage licenses, and in that time, he has united in marriage ninety-three couples.  Pretty good two-years' work.  The Garnett Review, pg 4.

17 Jan 1902

An Automobile traveler passing through this city Saturday attracted considerable attention.  He run up to McEwen's store and charged the tank with gasoline.  He and his machine drew a crowd of sight-seers.  He went from this place to Iola.  The Garnett Republican-Plaindealer and The Anderson County Republican, pg. 1.