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The first surveys for the St. Louis and Emporia railroad were made in 1884 when the building of this line, later known as the Madison branch' of the Missouri Pacific, was promoted by Robert Kincaid, an influential banker of Mound City, and four associates. The railroad was to run across the southern part of the county, a section with few settlements compared with the other parts of Anderson County. The first surveys were changed and in 1885 the definite route was established and towns were laid out along the right-of-way.
Robert Kincaid was also the moving spirit in the establishment of the town which was given his name. Laid out on the farms of Carl C. Elkins and Henry Miller on land purchased by Vincent Sisson for that purpose, Kincaid became the first town of importance in Rich Township.The town plat was filed on May 11, 1885, by John C. Carpenter, president of the Osage Valley Town Company. By October of that year Kincaid had two lumber yards, two livery stables and a drug store.

David Tate brought the first business building to Kincaid, which he moved from Ozark. According to S. S. Irwin, whose article on the southern part of Anderson County appears in this history, Dr. Robert C. Splawn was the town's first physician. Dr. G. D. Munger, arriving shortly there after, was also from Equity. In fact the little settlement of Equity was almost moved bodily to the new town site on the railroad. Others from Equity who located in Kincaid were John Graves,who brought a restaurant, W. C. Routzong, with a hardware stock, and Frank, Isaac and William Denny, who ran a general merchandise store.

Within a few months the population of Kincaid was estimated at nearly 300 inhabitants. Other business men who came in this time were John Bent and Mont VanBuskirk, furniture, hardware and tin shop, E. Kincaid, general merchandise with J. M. McCaslin as the first clerk, and S. D. Whittington and Mr. Woodward, who each opened livery barns. V. Sisson had charge of the Sisson House, and J. E. Scruggs was the proprietor of the Ozark Hotel. Wallace Boughton was the station agent. W. C. Routzong became the first postmaster when the office was moved there from Ozark in 1886.
Dan Lawrence had started the Kincaid Kroniclein 1887 and was its editor until W. C. Routzongtook it over. J. E. Scruggs and John C. Cash founded the Kincaid Dispatch in 1888. Other early businesses of the new town of Kincaid are mentioned in the account of the town's first Fourth of July celebration in 1886, found on pages 71 and 72 of this history.

The first school conducted in the town of Kincaid was a private one taught by Miss Mollie Hardy, who had thirty or forty pupils. The Kincaid district, No. 87, was formed in 1886 from parts of Ozark, No. 20, and Hickory Grove, No. 46. At that time the frame schoolhouse was built on the site of the Dick Woolery residence.The first school board members were William Hahn, Henry Miller and George Marsh. The first teacher in this building was L. F. Kempton and the second A. B. Bainum. Later this building was sold to the Baptist Church organization.

In 1889 the district erected a four room, brick building. The bricks were made from clay within the town's limits and burned there. A. D. Dunn was the contractor for the building. In the course of time this building was condemned and torn down. In 1914 the Rich Township high school building was erected, which served until 1935 when plans were completed for the building of a fine, new high school with the aid of Public Works Administration funds.

Kincaid, a prosperous, wide-awake town in the fertile farm lands of southeastern Anderson County, now has a population of nearly 400 people.Prominent citizens who have served as mayor of the town since its founding have been W. C. Routzong, N. T. Hand, Ed Hensley, Charley Durall, Dr. R. C. Splawn, A. P. Caldwell, L. F. Kempton, J. 0. Smith, S. S. Irwin, J. E. Scruggs, Sr., 0. C.Brosius, and Mont Van Buskirk
Kincaid Track Team 1935
BR LR: French Booker, Kenneth Gibbs, Jack Beckett, Merle Sanders, Arden Monroe
MR LR: Ivan Howarter, Wine Park Shepard, Harry Hydorn, Lawrence Wells, Claude Donald, Herman Harrison
FR LR: David Booker, Henry Hodgson, Gene Gregg, Vernie Braden, Clint Donald
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